Public Relations is Important for Fashion Entrepreneurship

In this post on the Comms Women platform, Mollie Poff, a student at the University of Alabama, College of Communication and Information Sciences, speaks with Blair Young, a fashion entrepreneur.

From an early age, Blair Young’s fondness for fashion was unmistakable. As she matured, her passion and dedication to the industry only grew, solidifying her confidence that it would inevitably become her chosen career path. Throughout high school, Blair worked in the retail industry which not only taught her the different ins and outs of fashion but simultaneously gave her even more of a drive to accomplish the goals she set for herself in the future for the fashion industry. Following high school, she pursued her passion for fashion at The University of Alabama, immersing herself in the field by majoring in Fashion. After attending college Blair worked at Neiman Marcus in the buying offices eventually moving on to the world of luxury jewelry. Little did she know, this was just the opening chapter in her pursuit of her dreams.

Photo: Courtesy of Blair Young

While employed at Neiman Marcus, Blair realized that her true calling lay in empowering individuals to feel good about what they are putting on. This revelation ignited her ambition to venture into entrepreneurship within the fashion industry. Thus, she embarked on the journey of building her own company, “Styled Young,” from the very foundation. Blair’s personal experience curating her own wedding wardrobe illuminated the challenges faced during such a stressful period. Motivated by this realization, she founded Styled Young. Beyond assisting brides with their wedding attire, her goal extends to refining and enhancing the everyday wardrobes of individuals, making style accessible, and boosting confidence for all.

In the dynamic world of fashion, routine finds no place; each day brings forth new and exciting challenges for a brand. Blair wholeheartedly agrees, emphasizing the ever-changing nature of her work. From client fittings and wedding weekend consultations to crafting lookbooks for everyday wardrobe clients, and conducting closet edits, her schedule bris with diversity, ensuring that no two days are alike. Public relations strategies are important within the fashion industry, and Blair recognizes their significance, integrating them into her endeavors wherever possible. In her wedding styling pursuits, Blair collaborates closely with top-tier photographers and wedding planners who are prominently featured in publications, catering to brides in need of styling assistance. While her approach to everyday styling primarily relies on word-of-mouth referrals, Blair is looking to create a game plan on marketing strategy to enhance the visibility of everyday styling services within her local area.

Discussing future trends in her industry, Blair predicts a significant shift towards integrating wedding stylists as essential components of wedding planning. A stylist would be there to alleviate the stress of the wedding planning, ensuring brides can enjoy their special day without worrying about the details. She envisions a trend where wedding stylists are viewed with the same importance as wedding planners, recognizing their pivotal role in curating the perfect day and Blair states that a lot of the photographers and wedding planners she works with highly recommend a stylist to their brides.

Blair faces common challenges in her industry, one being the misconception that hiring a stylist is costly and out of reach for many. She emphasizes that for everyday styling, a stylist can empower individuals with the skills to style themselves independently in the future, reducing the need for constant assistance. By focusing on investment pieces that seamlessly integrate into one’s existing wardrobe and stand the test of time, rather than fleeting trends, a stylist helps clients refine their style authentically. However, Blair notes that many overlook the long-term value and investment aspect of working with a stylist. Blair launched her company Styled Young about six months ago, navigating through a journey filled with trial and error. Despite the challenges, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of success. One of her primary goals is to cultivate a robust clientele base, to the extent that she would need to hire an assistant to help her.

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