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Comms Women Initiative Promoting and Celebrating Works by and about Comms Women

*This page is dedicated to supporting young comms professionals and publishing their reports/works to give them a platform to share their work and get the work promoted. This can hopefully, advance the CVs of students who contribute to this page. This is open to all students regardless of where they are based and regardless of the course they are taking.



The University of Alabama, College of Communication and Information Sciences, undergraduate Fashion PR course (APR 490).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Fashion Industry: Fast Fashion to Couture by David Ash, Beven Beckham, Carson Bresler, Bella Governale, Camryn McGaha, Sidney Powers, Sofia Rodriguez, and Emma Willy

Fashion Industry Trends Research Report: 2024 by Faedra Charlton-Perrin, Adriana Pirrello, Lillian Alterman, Mollie Poff, Holley Jackson, and Maggie McKay

An Analysis of Fashion Trends (fashion magazines) by Olivia Alarcon, Natalie Hailer, Hailey Kutche, and Elle Pasternik

Fashion Public Relations in 1970: A Media Analysis of The New York Times by Caroline Raley, Adam Philippe, Peyton Williams, Celine LeBlanc, Maddie Parsonnet, and Morgan Butler

Crisis and Fashion by Audrey Reynaud, Alexandra Thomas, Endia Witherspoon, Jada Dudley, Janeé Hill, Natali Arms, and Taylor Arduino