Behind the Scenes of Two Sister’s Boutique Journey

In a new post on the Comms Women platform, Taylor Arduino, a student at the University of Alabama, College of Communication and Information Sciences, speaks with Taylor McGraw and Reece Cunningham, owners of a Maison Divisée boutique in Oklahoma.

Taylor McGraw and Reece Cunningham, two sisters from Oklahoma, are the proud owners of Maison Divisée, a boutique that translates to “house divided” in French. The name symbolizes their brand, which is divided into two sections, Taylor’s and Reece’s. The sisters’ passion for fashion motivated them to establish their own boutique, with a desire to blend their individual styles they curated their boutique to appeal to a broader audience.

Trust Your Taste: Advice for Aspiring Boutique Owners

Maison Divisée favorite trends: Taylor is absolutely adoring sleeveless button-up vests lately. They’re not only trendy but incredibly chic too! Reece’s favorite trend in the fashion industry is elevated casual outfits. She loves that you can elevate a simple outfit with the right accessories!

Taylor and Reece emphasize their biggest advice tip for aspiring boutique owners: “Get what appeals to you the most! We’re still in the learning stages, but we are starting to realize we do better when we get items we truly love instead of just basic items that we think other people would like!”

If you’re looking to establish your own boutique, it’s crucial to trust your taste and get items that resonate with you. You can blend your individual style and create a unique brand that appeals to a broader audience. Maison Divisée is a perfect example of how the two sisters’ passion for fashion and trust in their taste led to a successful boutique.

Click the link to check out the blend-out styles Maison Divisée has curated and comment below your favorite pieces.

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