The Timeless Influence of History in Fashion

In a new blog post on the CommsWomen platform, Chloe Wade, a student at the University of Alabama, College of Communication and Information Sciences, analyses an article on the timeless influence of history in fashion by Sukriye Yuksel, published by Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences.  

Fashion has always been a big part of human culture, and one ancient garment that has stood the test of time is the Kaunakes. Dating back to the Sumerian civilization around 2500 BC, this thick woollen skirt or cloak has evolved from a simple necessity to a high-fashion statement.

What is a Kaunakes?

The Kaunakes were originally made from wool and had a unique tufted pattern that looked like overlapping petals or feathers. It was either sewn with tufts or woven with loops to create this look. Even though it’s an ancient design, it has found its way into modern fashion in various forms.

Kaunakes in Modern Fashion

Today, fashion designers love to take inspiration from the past, and Kaunakes is no exception. You might not see it in everyday wear, but it pops up on special occasions and high-fashion designs. Designers use materials like modern textiles, fibers, fur, and feathers to recreate the Kaunakes’ unique look.

Why Kaunakes is Still Relevant

The Kaunakes are visually appealing and grab attention. According to fashion expert Marilyn Revel DeLong, our response to fashion is personal and subjective. Something about the look, color, or fabric of Kaunakes resonates with people, making it eternally attractive.

Changing Beauty Standards

Fashion has always changed to fit new beauty standards, from tight corsets in the 17th century to loose 1920s flapper dresses. The Kaunakes have adapted to these changing trends, proving their versatility and timeless charm.

High Fashion Loves Kaunakes

Big-name designers like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and Oscar de la Renta have all featured Kaunakes-inspired designs in their collections. These designers have shown that this ancient garment can still be fresh and stylish today.


The Kaunakes is more than just an old piece of clothing; it’s a symbol of fashion’s ability to evolve and stay relevant. As designers continue to look to the past for inspiration, the Kaunakes will keep influencing modern fashion, proving that true style is timeless

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Yuksel, S. (2012). An Outlook of the Fashion Industry through Fashion History. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 51, 1016-1021.

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