The Unstoppable Expert Who Redefines Industry Trends Through Continuous Learning

In this blog post on the Comms Women initiative, Sofia Rodriguez, a student at the University of Alabama, College of Communication and Information Sciences, speaks with Isayma Morales, a digital marketing expert from Puerto Rico.

With new advancements in digital marketing efforts arising frequently and the ability for brands to reach consumers at any stage in the buyer’s journey, knowledge of SEO and digital marketing is vital for a brand’s success.

Isayma Morales, an expert in the digital marketing field, is an SEO and Digital Marketing Strategist for Punto Activo, a digital marketing agency with operations in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Photo: Courtesy of Isayma Morales

Morales aims to keep her clients relevant in consumers’ minds and does so through extensive SEO efforts. Additionally, she understands how important it is to keep up with industry trends. If a brand cannot keep up with emerging technologies, trends in the industry, or consumer-based trends, the brand will be left behind.

“I have always been adaptable and curious to learn new trends, technologies, and digital practices. One of the biggest challenges I face is globalization. As an SEO specialist, I have to target my potential clients and also optimize my website for global search engines. If Google likes you, everyone will!”

Morales’ day-to-day business efforts keep her consistently researching, learning, and adapting. With many clients relying on her knowledge of the industry and expertise in SEO, her success means success for many others.

“As an SEO strategist, my job is to study the user behavior on each of my client’s websites and make informed decisions,” Morales said. “To address [high bounce rate], I have to evaluate if the page needs to improve the text quality, provide more information, or use any other strategy to engage the user and encourage them to read more.”

With the increasing presence of AI in the communications industry, Punto Activo has stayed adaptable to AI’s innovations and Morales has worked to stay well-informed about these new technologies. She takes professional courses monthly to learn more about AI and she uses various AI tools to her advantage.

Morales’ dreams of a career in the communications field started at a young age, as she took inspiration from the television show Bewitched. Morales was inspired by an advertising executive character in the show and from then on, her dreams of joining the advertising field began taking shape.

“My advertising career began at Revlon New York at Puerto Rico offices, where I coordinated advertising and promotions for Latin America and the Caribbean,” Morales said. “After working as a creative copywriter for several agencies in Puerto Rico, I made the transition to digital media.

Over time and with new technological advancements in the communications field, Morales’ adaptability kept her successful in digital marketing. She took advantage of the evolving field of communications and “embraced all the digital practices and specialized in SEO,” Morales said.

As the communications field has changed immensely since Morales’ career beginnings, she makes an effort to never stop learning and advises the same for young adults who are interested in entering this field. Whether it be new industry trends, new technological advancements, or new trends in consumer behaviors, Morales stays adaptable and flexible to an ever-changing industry.

“My advice to college students is to never stop learning in a professional manner, such as reading white papers, taking courses and certifications, and following the experts of your chosen field,” Morales said. “I often learn new things before my colleagues because I follow the global leaders of SEO.”

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