Embrace diversity in experiences and seize every chance to learn and grow

In a new blog on the Comms Women platform, Audrey Reynaud, a student at the University of Alabama, College of Communication and Information Sciences, speaks with Bailey Hurd, a retail merchandiser and social media manager from the fashion industry.

Hello, fashion enthusiasts and aspiring public relations professionals! I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Bailey Hurd, a seasoned professional in the fashion industry with a wealth of experience in retail merchandising, styling, and social media management. Let’s delve into Bailey’s journey, her advice for budding PR professionals, and her insights into future industry trends.


Photo: Courtesy of Bailey Hurd

Bailey’s journey began at the University of Arkansas, where she pursued a Retail Merchandising and Product Development degree. An internship opportunity at Impressions, an online boutique, propelled her into the fashion world. As a studio assistant turned stylist, Bailey honed her styling, photo shoots, and brand management skills. Her dedication and talent led her to a full-time position at Impressions before she transitioned to become a Social Media Specialist for BuddyLove, a renowned clothing label.

Bailey emphasizes the importance of internships during college, urging students to explore various facets of the fashion industry. She stresses the value of networking and building connections, as these relationships can pave the way for future opportunities. Bailey’s mantra? Embrace diversity in experiences and seize every chance to learn and grow.

Bailey predicts future trends in fashion marketing, predicting a shift towards more organic and relatable content. Authenticity and connection will reign supreme as customers crave genuine interactions with brands and influencers. Additionally, she anticipates moving towards longer-form video content, signalling a departure from short-lived trends towards more immersive storytelling.

Bailey acknowledges the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in streamlining various aspects of the fashion industry, from writing product descriptions to market research and customer service. While AI offers efficiency and convenience, Bailey highlights the importance of maintaining a human touch in brand interactions to preserve authenticity and connection with consumers.

Social media has undeniably reshaped the fashion industry, democratized access, and transformed brand-consumer relationships. Bailey emphasizes its role in accelerating trend cycles, enabling direct engagement, and revolutionizing communication strategies for fashion brands worldwide.

Bailey Hurd’s journey through the fashion industry is an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and continuous learning. Her insights offer valuable guidance for aspiring PR professionals navigating the ever-evolving fashion and social media landscape. As we embrace the future of fashion, let’s remember to stay authentic, connected, and inspired.

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