PR Experience Could Help You Land A Job at Gucci: An Interview with Chloe Schache

In this blog post on the Comms Women platform, Caroline Raley, a student at the University of Alabama, College of Communication and Information Sciences, interviews Chloe Schache, a fashion client adviser from Germany

Chloe Schache is an experienced public relations and marketing professional with a passion for fashion. Schache currently works for Gucci as a client advisor in Berlin, Germany.  Schache, a graduate of the University of Alabama’s award-winning PR program, has a broad range of experience including marketing coordinator for a lumber company and social media coordinator for a real estate company. So, how did Schache go from being an incredible PR student in Alabama to working for high-end fashion brand Gucci in Berlin, Germany?

Photo: Courtesy of Chloe Schache

Embarking on a journey to pursue a career at one of the most iconic fashion houses in the world is no small feat. From a diverse resume to a rigorous interview process, Schache shared the insights from her PR skills that ultimately led to her triumph. She stated, “I decided I was interested in working more with people and with my hands, you can say. I had always had an eye for fashion and interest and decided to apply for an opening position as a client advisor at Gucci.”

Schache’s journey began with a conscious decision to shift her career focus toward her passion for fashion and human connection. Recognizing the allure of working hands-on with clients, she set her sights on the renowned house of Gucci.

“It was an extremely intense interview process that lasted for two months and after six rounds of interviews, I was awarded the position.,” said Schache.

Gucci’s interview process proved to be a formidable challenge, spanning two months and encompassing six rounds. Such a demanding selection procedure is a testament to the brand’s commitment to securing the best talent. Schache’s perseverance and dedication were truly put to the test as a potential employee from the United States.

“It was actually my first time ever having a group interview for the first round. There were over 150 applicants [in] total.”

A PR Background Aids The Art Of Selling Yourself

“What really helped me land the job was selling myself. I think regardless of the job or the position and what experience you have it is of utmost importance to go in present yourself and showcase why you are the best person for the job.,” claimed Schache.

In a highly competitive field, the ability to market oneself effectively is a valuable skill.

The Diverse PR and Marketing Resume Advantage

“You obviously also have to deliver on what you are selling, but it made me so interesting that my resume was so diverse and not a classic fashion resume that sparked interest in the company.”

Her diverse resume turned out to be a key differentiator, especially because of her PR and marketing background. While a classic retail experience might have been the norm, her varied experiences piqued the interest of the hiring team at Gucci. It serves as a reminder that unconventional paths and unique skill sets can be assets in the competitive world of high-end fashion.

Best Practices

Schache emphasized, “It’s crucial to stay informed about the latest fashion trends, brand messaging, and upcoming events to effectively communicate Gucci’s brand’s identity and values to our customers.”

Schache may agree with an article from AMW that states some crucial trends emerging in fashion PR include:

  • “Increased Focus on Digital and Social Media”
  • “Sustainability and Ethical Fashion”
  • “Data-Driven Campaigns”

Chloe Schache’s journey from deciding to pursue her passion for fashion to navigating the intense interview process and ultimately securing a role at Gucci is a tale of determination and strategic self-presentation. Her story inspires aspiring PR and fashion professionals to embrace their uniqueness, persevere through challenging processes, and, most importantly, believe in the power of selling oneself in the pursuit of a dream career at a fashion powerhouse like Gucci.

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