In solidarity, forever!

This is a blog for the Comms women initiative, which will feature blog posts about anything related to comms women. The blogs will be written either by Martina, the initiative initiator and leader or by the contributors themselves.

Blogs can be about research done by women who work in communications departments generally and individuals of any gender can write about research on comms women they’ve done so far to explore trends and point towards both good and bad in the comms world.  Equally, practitioners are welcome to submit any work they’ve done and women practitioners are invited to write about mentoring experiences, and their own mentoring styles, offer tips to other women or just generally write about women in comms industries.

This initiative is based in the UK, but it is not UK-exclusive and researchers and practitioners from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit blogs written in English to

I hope the blog will help increase research readership, downloads and citations for researchers as well as help in linking academia with the industry and, most of all, celebrating and promoting Comms women, both researchers and practitioners in all of their diversity.

In solidarity, forever!